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Gene Ontology Categories in Daphnia and related species genomes

Gene variation by Gene Ontology group in Daphnia and related genomes

Deviations in GO categories by species genomes for gene match counts.

These may indicate where species genes differ in functional categories. Statistically significant deviations are brightly colored. Low counts or 'missing genes' may be due to divergence rather than lack; extra gene matches indicate something more is there.

The "gene match counts" here are High-scoring Segment Pair (HSP) groupings, and include various events: gene duplications, alternate splice exons within genes, new genes that appear composed of exons from other genes, as well as computational artifacts (see notes below). The detail pages provide links to GBrowse genome map views showing all secondary HSPs.

GO Class using Fruitfly genes using Mouse,Worm,Yeast genes
GO Molecular Function GO_Function-fruitfly GO_Function-notDM
GO Biological Process GO_Process-fruitfly GO_Process-notDM
GO Cell Location GO_CellLocation-fruitfly GO_CellLocation-notDM

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Don Gilbert, May 2006
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