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Chromosome-level assemblies of Daphnia magna, in progress 2020 June-December, Don Gilbert

Assembly_label   nScaf   Mb_total  Mb_nogap  for min scaf 1000bp
dmag15nwblg2r:   ns=6281,  mb=117, mb-n=102   Original 2010 Roche 454 DNA, scafs placed on chromosomes
   daphmag15nwb_chrasm is dmag15nwblg2r
dmag20bgi:       ns=2178,  mb=179, mb-n=161   Draft 2014 Illumina DNA, SOAP assembly at BGI
dmag20sk4maca20: ns=3603,  mb=268, mb-n=218   New 2020 assembly, still in progress, Dmagna-SK DNA
dmag20ug6maca25: ns=3654,  mb=175, mb-n=140   New 2020 assembly, still in progress, Dmagna-UG DNA
 .. Chomosome level assemblies place scaffolds in ten linkage groups based on the published
    linkage map data for pubished 2010 Dmagna assembly, of Roche 454 DNA.
    dmag15nwblg2r is just this, the others are linked via this assembly + linkmap data.
 .. other assemblies done will be be determined if useful (soap, abyss, spades, canu).

daphmag19skasm : published at NCBI Genomes 2019, Dmagna-SK DNA
daphmag10asm   : published at NCBI Genomes 2015, Dmagna-XINb DNA, and
  daphmag15nwbasm, the same DNA as daphmag10asm, re-assembled in 2015 w/ newer Newbler soft,
    the scaffolds placed on chromosomes in daphmag15nwb_chrasm