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Daphnia pulicaria is closely related to Daphnia pulex. Although it is a common Daphnia in North American large lakes, it is often difficult to differentiate D. pulicaria from D. pulex. Forms with intermediate characters are frequently encountered, suggesting hybridization of these two species.

A low coverage genome assembly of Daphnia pulicaria, likely a hybrid of D. pulicaria and D. pulex, (affectionately known as TRO, The Rejected One) is available to DGC members, and others may request access to this data. As the DGC and JGI data agreements allow, this will be released for public access. Contact

Blast of Daphnia pulicaria/plx TRO is available here, See blast form option " [ ] Daphnia_pulicaria TRO 2004 ".
Mapping of D. pulicaria/plx reads to D. pulex assembly is available in GBrowse See Tracks/Daphnia cross species/Dpulicaria genome 2004