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Daphnia magna Genome Data

This folder includes a draft genome assembly of Daphnia magna 454 gDNA sequences from 2010. It is also available (in 2016) via NCBI BioProject PRJNA298946
Daphnia magna strain:Xinb3 Genome sequencing and assembly

The openaccess/ folder contains public data. The project/ folder is limited to project members.

If these data are used for publication, the following acknowledgment should be included:
"These sequence data were produced by The Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics at Indiana University and distributed via wFleaBase in collaboration with the Daphnia Genomics Consortium.

Included with these are two public gene sets, one is modelled_on_genome/ (gene predictions on the draft chromosome assembly, 2011).
A second version, much improved, is a hybrid of mRNA_assembly (major source) and modelled_on_genome (minor source), with chromosome assembly validation.

This project is supported in part by NIH award 5R24GM078274-02 "Daphnia Functional Genomics Resources"