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Gene Structure Transcriptome Tile Expression

Gene structure signals from EST-validated gene models in Daphnia pulex and Drosophila melanogaster, showing standard expression scores (as deviation t-statistic from signal boundary), and G+C sequence content. Expression is from Nimblegen measurements for Daphnia and Drosophila, and Solexa measurement for Drosophila. Sample size is approx. 4,000 genes for each structure and species.

See also Notes and statistics on base level expression
Don Gilbert, 2009 March, gilbertd At

(A) UTR5 Transcription start site (TSS) with preceding TATA-box at position -30

New 0905
(B) Intron - Exon boundary at 3-prime end, with AG signal at position -2
Exon saw-tooth in GC% is due to codon position-3 synonymous T substitutions

New 0905
(C) UTR3 Transcription end site with preceding poly-AAA at position -20

New 0905
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