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Tile array signal averages at Gene and Exon-Intron boundaries

Tile array scores averaged at base positions around gene and exon boundaries are shown here for Daphnia Nimblegen data. Percent GC content is shown (black) with expected spikes at the boundaries (0 on x-axis): ATG at coding start, AG intron->exon, and GT exon->intron, and an increased GC% in exon regions. Gene and exon starts are from base 0 to 75, (-75 .. -1 are non-genic), while exon and gene ends are at base -75 to 0 (1..75 are non-genic).

Absolute tile scores for cDNA (red), gDNA (blue) and cDNA - gDNA diff (green)
Statistical power of tile scores at boundary regions (t-test)
Correlation of GC and Tile scores at boundary regions
Statistical power of tile scores at boundary regions (p-value)


Data from Daphnia pulex scaffolds 1 and 17, Nimblegen tiles, of Indiana Univ. tile array group, April 2008.
Analysis by Don Gilbert,, July 2008
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