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Daphnia pulex : unusual protein families

Heatmap of Daphnia unusual families compared to aquatic, terristrial invertebrates and vertebrates. This shows significant over-abundances (blue) and under-abundances (red).

Daphnia's Unusual Families from

Summary of Daphnia/aquatic unusual families (short)

Statistical comparison of vert/invert, aquatic/terristrial families.

Heatmap notes:

This shows only a subset of 38 over/under represented families in Daphnia, compared to 34 other genomes, roughly evenly split among invertebrates/vertebrates and aquatic/terristrial habits. Vertebrate families are expectedly underrepresented.

Of interest is the relative deficit of terristrial invertebrate families (mostly insects) with closest phylogeny to arthropod Daphnia, compared to more taxonomically distant aquatic invertebrates (Sea urchin, Sea anemone, Amphioxis, Ciona, etc.).

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