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ARGOS: A Replicable Genome infOrmation System

This genome web site is built with ARGOS - A Replicable Genome infOrmation System, which is developed as a Generic Model Organism Database project. The web site and all its data and functions can be copied, or automatically replicated, and run on MacOSX, Linux and Sun Solaris computers.

The ARGOS system is designed for automatic installation and updates of FlyBase and other genome information servers. This includes scripts, configurations, data and databases, and Unix binaries for all needed programs except Perl, Java and Rsync. Rsync is used as the primary distribution program.

ARGOS currently forms the genome database/web server infrastructure for the public genome databases developed in collaboration with the Genome Informatics Lab at Indiana University, including,, and the nascent Daphnia water flea database.

Further information, including instructions for replication, is at ,